Bootable USB Disk Windows 10

Create Bootable USB Disk Windows 10 installation starting with a Windows .iso file or a Windows Setup DVD.

What do you need co create Bootable USB Disk Windows 10?

  1. Media Creation Tool 1803 or 1809
  2. USB flash drive with at least 5GB free space. This drive will be formatted, so make sure it doesn’t have any important files on it.
  3. Windows version from Windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10.
  4. Internet Connection.

Download Media Creation Tool then run it. Choose ‘Create installation media for another PC‘ > Next.

After it you can choose which edition of Windows you want to create, what language you plan to use Windows in, and whether you want to create the installation media for 32bit, 64bit, or both 32 and 64bit versions > Next.Then choose USB flash drive > Next.

Choose removable drive you want to use from the list > Next. The system will start downloading the Windows version bootable files.Done, this way how to Create Bootable USB Disk Windows 10 installation, if you have any questions, comment below.